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Advanced call tracking for powerful insights

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Advanced call tracking What is advanced call tracking?

If you make sales or receive enquiries over the phone, advanced call tracking could be for you. You need to know where calls originated, as enquiry sources enable you to:

  1. Calculate your customer acquisition cost; this is important for point 2
  2. Calculate your ROI from different marketing channels
  3. Save money by eliminating under-performing tactics
  4. Spend wisely, as you will only invest in marketing that works.

In our previous post we looked at Google forwarding numbers and how they can help you to track ROI from AdWords pay-per-click campaigns.

There are other, significantly more powerful solutions that can show you even more.

How does it work?

Once setup, the system will dynamically change your telephone number, in real time, for different visitors to your site. While the telephone number changes for the visitor, you receive calls on your regular telephone line.

If the visitor calls the number on the screen, their call will be matched to their website visit, enabling you to connect their call with the source of their visit as well as their activity on your website before calling.

Who should use advanced call tracking?

The easy answer is, everyone who takes phone calls from prospects. Advanced call tracking has an associated cost, and while the knowledge gained applies to all businesses, you must balance the cost against the value to your business.

It will help you improve your marketing, reduce costs and possibly improve sales too – but overall the savings and improvements must outweigh the cost.

If your budget can’t quite stretch to call tracking then consider Google call tracking instead.

What advanced call tracking can do that Google call tracking cannot

  • Monitor more channels
  • Give granular detail on user activity
  • Report on ROI from multiple channels
  • Give you a clear comparison between channels

How difficult is advanced call tracking to setup?

Most systems require:

  1. The code that makes your number change dynamically.
  2. A wrapper around your number to tell the code which numbers to change.

That’s it! Its is very straightforward, but as this requires a snippet of code on all your website pages and a change to the code around your phone number, help from your website administrator will be needed.

Who provides advanced call tracking?

There are many providers; each service has its own merits, and of course associated cost. You can visit the links below to find out more about the services and book a demonstration.

If you would like independent advice on which service is best suited to your needs, book a consultation with me here.

How much does advanced call tracking cost?

Costs do vary, and the volume of calls you receive can have a big impact. Most providers will include a small volume of calls within your package, but if you’re a heavy phone user, you could easily exceed this.

Expect to pay between £100 and £150 per month, with additional call charges if you are a heavy user.

What can call tracking do beyond providing conversion data?

This type of call tracking is so much more than simply knowing what works, or what doesn’t work in your marketing mix.

For example, you can listen back to sales calls and determine the winning formula for taking a luke warm enquiry to red-hot prospect.

Use the real life calls in your sales team training – share the practices of your top performers with everyone and watch your conversion rate rise.

Understand more about how much value you get from ‘zero cost’ channels. If you’re spending time on social media, make sure that you’re seeing a return – i.e. sales, not just visitor traffic.

How much you should be investing to make call tracking worthwhile

Regardless of how you use the results, call tracking has to provide value. It could be that short-term usage provides all the value you need and a longer contract is not for you. Or if you’re spending heavily on acquiring new customers you will want to be monitoring campaign performance long term.

Think carefully, to make this worthwhile:

  • How much would you need to save on your spend, or
  • How many more sales do you need to cover the investment?

As a very rough guide, if you’re spending more than £1200 per month or investing more than 10 hours of your time a month then call tracking is something to consider. Call tracking would be less than 10% of your costs, and the improvements you make should outweigh the investment.

How to evaluate your results

All tools will give you a dashboard with basics stats, visitors, conversions, channels, etc. but for optimal analysis, you want to spend some time integrating with your existing analytics data to give you a complete picture.

When setting up your call tracking, spend some time thinking about what will be of most benefit to you, for example:

  • Do you need attribution modelling to compare first click/last click performance – this is a great choice if you’re using multiple channels
  • Do you want to count all calls as conversions or only some? You can set this up by call duration, the rating the operator gives a call at the end of the conversation, or through other metrics
  • Do you want to see the activity that led up to a conversion – i.e. the customer journey? Trick question, of course you do, very few people will buy (especially high-value goods or services) after a quick visit to your website. Understanding the steps a prospect takes will help you improve the transition from visitor to customer. Result: higher volume, faster conversions.

Simply smarter snapshot

  • If you convert business leads over the phone, this is for you
  • Consider call tracking if your total online marketing investment is over £1200 a month or 10 hours of your time
  • If you’re spending on marketing and your not sure if it’s working – try this for a short period to get the fast answers you need to make better decisions

Simply smarter steps to success

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