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Google call forwarding – click to call tracking

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Google call forwarding - click to call trackingWhat is Google call forwarding?

Google call forwarding is a simple solution to track phone call conversions from AdWords.

If you are investing in pay-per-click, you need to track your conversions as accurately as possible. A Google forwarding number will help you do this for leads generated from Google AdWords.

How it works

A searcher clicks on your AdWords advert and arrives at your website. Your telephone number dynamically changes to a Google forwarding number, which when dialled rings on your regular telephone number.
The clever part is that it will register a conversion through Google Analytics and Google AdWords. You can trace this conversion back to the keyword that triggered your advert and which advert the caller clicked. This useful information helps you to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns.

How much do Google forwarding numbers cost?

These numbers are free to use. However, there is some investment required in the setup process. Depending on your level of technical skills and how much time you have available, you may need to invest in some expert support.

Who should use them

Anyone who invests in AdWords needs to evaluate their ROI. If your new customers are picking up the phone, you need to know which elements of your campaign are generating calls – and more importantly which elements can be improved.

How to set up Google call forwarding

There are a few things you will need to be able to use Google call forwarding numbers:

2-Step process to set up call forwarding

  1. Set up the conversion in AdWords
  2. Install the code on your website

Find detailed instructions here.

How to monitor results

As you are tracking enquiries resulting from AdWords clicks, the best place to review your conversions is in AdWords.

From your AdWords account and go to Tools and Conversions. You will be able to see the conversion you created during setup and the number of times it has triggered.

Another, more detailed way to review your results is to go to:

Campaigns, then choose Segment, Conversions, Conversion name.

You can now see which campaigns generated conversions. Follow the same process for adverts and keywords.

Upgrade for even better reporting

If you want to see call conversion data for all your marketing sources, consider investing in a complete call tracking solution. Read our next post in this series for more information.

Simply smarter snapshot

  • Google call forwarding is a simple, affordable way to track phone calls generated from AdWords.
  • To use the system, you will need to be able to edit your AdWords account and your website code (or get some help to do this)
  • Clarity on your conversion data will help you improve the performance of your AdWords account.

Simply smarter steps to success

Find our content useful? Please share this article with your network 🙂

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