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Remarketing – opening the door to returning customers

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Remarketing – opening the door to returning customersIf you’re investing in driving traffic to your website you want to take every opportunity to convert your visitor into a customer.

This conversion doesn’t always happen on your customer’s first visit to your website.

Let’s look at an example.

Mary is looking for an accountant.

She knows she wants someone local and reliable who can help her with her business accounts and personal tax affairs. Mary starts by researching her options. She looks at the websites of several local accountants and checks their credentials. She now has a short list to consider.

Arnold is a local accountant and could help Mary with all the services she needs. Mary found Arnold’s website through the AdWords ppc campaign he has been running.

So Mary has found Arnold but hasn’t connected with him – the connection Arnold wants is a phone call or an email enquiry but Mary isn’t ready…yet.

So how can Arnold remain connected to Mary even after she has left his website?

There are several options:

  1. Arnold waits patiently for Mary to complete her research and come back to his website
  2. Arnold hopes Mary signs up for his free newsletter so he has her email address and can reach out to her in the future
  3. Arnold uses remarketing to remind Mary of how he can help her.

Options 1 and 2 rely on Mary but option 3 is in Arnold’s control.

What is remarketing?

It’s very simple. Remarketing allows you to show adverts online to people who have previously visited your website.

Have you ever noticed when you’ve been looking for a new pair of trousers that all of a sudden there are lots of adverts for trousers appearing across the internet, and amazingly they’re all from stores you know, in fact you’ve been to their website recently? That’s remarketing.

How does remarketing work?

Remarketing is easy to set up. You add a small piece of code to your website. When a visitor arrives a cookie is placed on their device. When your visitor is browsing a website that displays Google adverts the cookie will allow Google to match the visitor to your advert.

So how will this help Mary?

Mary hasn’t chosen her accountant yet, but she has noticed several adverts for Arnold’s accountancy firm. In fact she clicked on one yesterday and has gone back to Arnold’s website for another look.

So how does remarketing help Arnold?

Arnold has managed to keep his company in front of Mary and entice her back to his website. Better still, as Mary is a returning visitor Arnold knows she is a hotter prospect than she was on her first visit.

How does Arnold know she’s a hotter prospect?

Arnold is smart. He’s checked his numbers. He has looked at his website visitor activity and his conversion data. Arnold knows:

  • Returning visitors are more likely to make an enquiry
  • When someone enquires he has a 20% conversion rate – so 1 in 5 enquiries becomes a customer
  • Arnold knows that an average customer is worth £15,000 to his business

Arnold wants Mary to be his customer.

So how can Arnold close the sale?

He could leave it to chance and hope Mary picks up the phone. Or he could give her a nudge in the right direction.

Remember, Mary has already shortlisted Arnold, she has seen all his service information and compelling reasons to get in touch, but Arnold wants Mary to call him now! Before she leaves his website for the second time.

Arnold has had some help from remarketing. You see his remarketing adverts take visitors to a special page on his website displaying an exclusive offer. This offer is only seen by his hottest prospects (those who have visited his site before).

What happens next?

If Mary picks up the phone Arnold knows there is a 20% chance of Mary becoming a customer – that’s £15,000 of business. The offer Arnold has put in front of Mary – his prequalified hotter prospect – is compelling enough for Mary to pick up the phone and she does just that!

So how much does remarketing cost?

This varies from business to business as well as how aggressively you want to target your previous visitors. In a similar way to regular pay-per-click campaigns you will only pay when someone clicks on your advert. So you will only be paying for warm prospects.

Is remarketing appropriate for all businesses?

The only way to know is to try it and test the results. If your website is attracting visitors, who are prospective customers, who leave before buying or getting in touch, remarketing could help you keep your prospects warm!

Want to know more about remarketing?

You can learn more about pay per click campaigns here or simply get in touch and book a free consultation.

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